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Technical strength: we have a R&D and design technical team with more than 20-year experience for air-conditioning box, fan and main engine, and we also have our own coil selection software and fan selection software, etc;

Quality Assurance: 100% incoming inspection of important parts and 100% inspection of product safety;

Supply guarantee: we adopt advanced ERP management system to make the supply plan realize smoothly;

Business purpose: Integrity, professionalism, responsibility; 

Product goals: Hanmer is committed to becoming an expert in the design and manufacture of high-quality air treatment equipment. Quality is the lifeblood of our survival, and professional, efficient and meticulous service is our eternal pursuit;

Hanmer Vision: To establish a well-known brand by supplying high-tech, green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly HVAC products;

service advantage

Nice appearance

This series of fan coils adopts the latest surface-mounted model appearance design, and the steel plate is molded into forming with internal insulation and noise reduction materials, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

High efficiency

The fan coil heat exchanger adopts high-quality copper tubes and high-efficiency hydrophilic coated aluminum fins, as well as advanced tube expansion technology, so that the copper tubes and aluminum can reach a proper contact

Low noise

Through the optimized design of the unit, the surface wind speed of the coil of the unit is greatly reduced, and the internal resistance of the unit is low. Rong low

High flexibility

The body can be adapted to various installation methods according to the site conditions, and the three-speed switch or thermostat can be used to control the unit

Simple safety maintenance

The shell of the unit can be easily removed as a whole, Easy to install and maintain

Intelligent control

Microcomputer control, complete control functions, can realize network control. Adopt pid proportional integral constant temperature Control Technology

Qualification & Honor

High-tech Enterprise Certificate
Combined air-conditioning box with good filtering and sterilization effect
A combined air conditioner with noise reduction function
Air conditioner with air purification function
Fan coil with dust filtering function
Micro-mist humidifying device for air-conditioning box
Grille for air-conditioning fan coil
Aluminum fin for inner coil of combined air conditioning unit
Craa product certification-fan coil

factory equipment


CNC punch
CNC machine tools
Pu Chong
Punching machine
Vertical tube expander
laser cutting
laser cutting
Air conditioning box assembly
Production workshop

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